Welcome to LeBlooog!

Though I am not French, I have travelled to Paris, France and I wanted to create this blog as a travel resource for those of you just beginning travelling or who are looking for a little adventure to spice up their daily routines.

I’ve had the opportunity to visit many amazing places including Mexico, Hawaii, the UK, Italy, Trinidad and Tobago and Monaco internationally. I’ve visited the American states of Washington, California, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New York to name a few as well as the Canadian provinces of BC, my home province of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

My latest adventure? My boyfriend and I packed up my hatchback and went on a month long camping trip to British Columbia. It was a beautiful trip that taught me alot, as my first trip ‘on my own.’

What that did mean, was that I took September off from University (which doesn’t work well with the four year plan), so I enrolled for University at a school that delivers their programs through a self-guided, distance learning model.

I’ve been back home for about a month now and I am just itching to be back on the highways, discovering whatever is around the corner, looking at changing cultures and people and ways of life.

I hope you’ll find some exciting information here or some inspiration to go on your own adventure!

Best of luck,


Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Sylvan Lake, Alberta